Modern Command Character Generation

Learn about the characteristics which define a leader...

Attributes define basic characteristics of your leader. They figure prominently into all skills, and often are crucial for deciding contested decisions. Choose them wisely. Attributes occasionally change.

Skills describe & measure specific ability in a given area. Normal range for skills falls in the 30% range. Acknowledged masters are in the 80%-90% range. Skills generally increase with age and practice.

We currently have 98 skills.

This includes:

12 Economic skills
13 Educational skills
12 Engineering skills
12 General skills
16 Military skills
20 Political skills
13 Recreational skills

Merits are genetic, environmental, familial, or inherent assets which benefit a character. Like attributes and skills, merits are numerically weighted. An average merit is around 30%. It is very unusual for a merit to change.

Flaws inject a certain tragic element that seems to define many of our public leaders. Flaws are correspondingly severe to their weight. An alcoholic flaw of 10% is a problem, but at 50% it's crippling. Note the very first flaw, wandering eye, is attributed to our beloved ex-president Mr. Clinton.