Modern Command Skills

Skills represent trained or learned proficiencies that a character has developed beyond their fundamental attributes. They define a character's ability to perform specific tasks or actions within the game world.

How Skills Differ from Attributes and Other Aspects

  • Specificity vs Breadth: Attributes are broad, foundational capabilities. Skills are more focused areas of expertise.
  • Training vs Innate: Attributes are usually inherent, while skills are honed through practice, experience, or specific instruction.
  • Mastery vs Background: Merits grant niche advantages, background elements, or blessings. Skills represent direct competence the character can actively use.
  • Deterministic vs Probabilistic: Attributes often influence other rolls directly, while skills usually determine success or failure via dice rolls.

Players can buy skills with character points (CP) during character generation. The cost of each skill is listed below.

Skill Cost Description Group
Micro Valuation5The ability to assess, judge and measure small assets.econ
Macro Valuation5The ability to assess, judge and measure very large or sizeable assets.econ
Macro Economics5Understanding of the theory, application, and benefits of different macro-economic approaches.econ
Micro Economics5Understanding of the theory, application, and benefits of different micro-economic approaches.econ
Data Analysis5Skill in distilling and seeing trends in disparate data sources. Higher-level skill indicates fluency in statistics (parametric and non-parametric).econ
Industrial Organization5Understanding of the structure, behavior, and performance of industry persons, processes, and operations.econ
Mathematics5Theoretical and applied knowledge of mathematical concepts and structures.econ
Research methods5Means and methods of conducting, creating, and evaluating researchecon
Statistics5Working knoweldge of which statistical instrument to use when. Also knowledge and skill in the evaluation of statistics in measuring probability. This skill also includes appropriate technology tools for statistics.econ
Computational modeling5The programming, application, and analysis of very powerful computational systems to analyze very very large datasets.econ
Banking5Running, starting, advising, and correcting banking institutions. This skill tends to be nore tilted towards running a single bank or a small groups of banks rather than a huge numver of banks.econ
Corporate Law5Expertise in understanding and advising clients in the fine nuance of corporate law.econ
Educational Law5Relating to the practice of, application of, and creation of educational laweducational
Pedagogies5Skill in the research, knoweldge, and application of pedagogical thought, learning theory, and pedagogical practiceeducational
Science Education5Theory, practice, and experience in teaching all sciences. This skill infers an overall knowledge of science and its many disciplines.educational
Math Education5Theory, practice, and experience in teaching all mathematics fields. This skill infers an overall knowledge of math and its many disciplines.educational
History Education5Theory, practice, and experience in teaching all historical fields. This skill infers an overall knowledge of history and its many disciplines.educational
Education History5Skill in the application and study of educational history. The cool thing about this skill is the ability to identify trends and current educational problems and place them in historical context.educational
Human Development5The study and skill of human development. Covers cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical development. Higher levels of this skill can use their understanding of human development to aid in their understanding of other cultures.educational
Language Education5Skill in building courses, pedagogy, theory and language learning. Often coupled with foreign language.educational
Nation History5Knoweldge of the history of a specific nation.educational
Astronomy5Sure are a bunch of stars out there, huh?educational
Instructional Design5The skill in appropriate design and delivery of units (lessons). Careful thought and consideration is given to multiple learning styles, assessment, and rich learning activities.educational
Learning Theory5Application and knowledge of learning theory. Especially the conditions surroundings successful learning and understanding. Strong knowledge of the biological elements and learning.educational
Theoretical Research5Skill in very advanced theoretical research. This skill involves research, organizing frameworks, and leading research teams into new territory.educational
Chemical Engineering5The ability to manipulate, build, and understand chemicals and chemical compoundsengineering
Electrical Engineering5The ability to manipulate, build, and understand electricty and electric systemsengineering
Nano Engineering5The skill to manipulate, build, and understand nano-technologyengineering
Mechanical Engineering5The ability to manipulate, build, and understand mechanical and mechanical systemsengineering
Electronics Engineering5The ability to manipulate, build, and understand electronics and electronic systemsengineering
Software Engineering5The skill of software engineering. All major languages are
Plastics Engineering5Skill in chemical makeup of all the various types of plastics. Speciality in creating the appropriate type of plastic for appropriate situationengineering
Bridge Engineering5Skill in evaluating, designing, and appraising bridges and support structures of the same natureengineering
Physics5The skill in the science of matter and energy and of interactions between the two, grouped in traditional fields such as acoustics, optics, mechanics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism, as well as in modern extensions including atomic and nuclear physics, cryogenics, solid-state physics, particle physics, and plasma
Nuclear Engineering5Skill in the design, application, and multi-dyamics of nuclear reactors, reactions, and surrounding areas of interest (radioactivity, energy production, weapons, etc)engineering
Fluid Engineering5Viscosity, thermal properties of; and movement around fluids and their
Aerospace Engineering5Design, construction, evaluation, measurement of efficacy of aerospace vehicles, processes, and launching
Persuasive5The persuasive skill measures a characters tendency to induce action or belief in others. Many succesful lawyers have high persuasion. Important for almost any character on modern command.general
Articulate5The articulate skill measures how well a character expresses oneself easily in clear and effective language.general
Barter5To trade goods or services without the exchange of money.general
World History5An understanding of major events, peoples and geographies which impacted world history.general
Network technologies5Skill in the USE of networked resources and information technology. Note Bill Clinton sent exactly 2 (two) emails while in office. How depressing.general
Etiquette5The practices and forms prescribed by social convention or by authority.general
Credibility5The quality, capability, or power to elicit belief.general
Authority5The skill in projecting authority, also authoritative presence.general
Ethics5Skill in understanding and applying the principles of right conductgeneral
Strategic Planning5Skill in formulating and implementing strategic-level decisions.general
First Aid5First aid. Higer skill levels include intubation and IVs. AED use is associated over skill level 20.general
Network design5The physical and logical construction, deployment, and maintaince of networksgeneral
Military Tactics5The measure of applied and theoretical tactical knowledge. While naval tactics, air tactics, etc... are more specific, military tactics focuses on the broad discipline.military
Analyze intelligence5The skill to understand and distill intelligence reports and analysis.military
Military Logistics5The aspect of military operations that deals with the procurement, distribution, maintenance, and replacement of materiel and personnel.military
Military Command5The art and science of giving orders, making decisions, and understanding authority.military
Air Warfare5The understanding, support and effective application of modern air power. This skillset includes air combat and air support.military
Naval Warfare5The effective use, support, projection, and deployment of naval assets for specific mission-related objectives. Skill in naval command.military
Ground Warfare5Skill in coordinating, supporting, and guiding military ground forces. Skill in the use of ground forces to achieve an objective. This skill includes all units associated with a modern military army.military
Space Warfare5Skill in offensive and defensive strategies in space. Skill in launching, intercepting and controlling satellites and their data streamsmilitary
Civil Defense5The understanding and management of civil defense; including the organization and assessment of such a system.military
Combat Engineering5The ability to build and destroy combat fortifications and emplacementsmilitary
Combat Organization5Operating and organizing military organizations. From fire teams to battalions. Note the higher this skill, the larger organization one can effectively and competently control.military
Military Communication5Skill in communications equipment, message formats, and communication techniques.military
Special Forces5Application and organization of special operations forcesmilitary
Military History5Famous battles, organizations, and organizations. Higher level of the skill would enable players to recognize historical similiarities to current tactical and strategic situations.military
Weapon design5Skill in the rather morbid field of making stuff that better kills, maims, and incapacitates people. This also involves munition creation. It does not involve delivery vehicles.military
Vehicle Design5Design and implementation of military vehicles. This is related to land vehicles only. This also includes armour and turret design.military
Telegenic5The telegenic skill indicates how well a character appears on television. Ronald Reagan and John F Kennedy had very high telegenic skills. Richard Nixon and John Ashcroft didn't (don't).political
Parlimentary Procedure5This skill measures ability in the nuances of Roberts Rules of Order, and house rules. High skill in this area would enable a character to move, slow down, or sometimes stop legislation in a legislature.political
Negotiation5The transaction of business between nations; the mutual intercourse of governments by diplomatic agents, in making treaties, composing difference, etcpolitical
Fundraising5The ability to successfully raise money to campaign. This is an important skill for politicians.political
Campaigning5Ability to connect with voters, effectively communicate election ideas, and manipulate the press.political
Oratory5The art and science of public speakingpolitical
Debate5To engage in a formal discussion or argument.political
Constitutional Law5Skill in the application and dynamics of constitutional lawPolitical
Delegation5Understanding when, and more importantly when NOT to delegatepolitical
Monetary policy5The understanding and skill in the correct application and dynamics of monetary policy. How it works, how it doesnt work, and the balance of it all.political
Policy analysis5Measuring and understanding the efficacy of various policies. Also understanding how they dont work.political
Systems Organization5Skill in the building, analysis and successful running of large, complex and interdependant organizations.political
Educational Policy5Having the skill to create, run, and assess effective educational policy. Understanding of current trends in the educational field.political
Transportation Policy5Skill in the design, implementation, and analysis of transportation and transportation policy. Also knowledge in current issues and trends in the transportation field.political
Agricultural Policy5Skill in the formation, analysis, and building of successful agricultural policy.political
Military Policy5Skill in the formation and analysis of military policy. This includes setting broad strategic goals, and making changes within the military.political
Justice Policy5Skill in formation, analysis, and deployment of judicial mechanisms, processes, and enforcements.political
Energy Policy5Skill in the crafting, development and deployment of effective and effiecient energy policy.political
Public Policy5Skill in the research, analysis, and deployments of health and human services policy. This skill also includes housing and urban developmentpolitical
Homeland Security5Understanding and acting in the right way, at the right time, with the right resources to protect the homeland. This skill is very closely tied to analyze intelligence.political
Musical Instrument5The skill in playing and reading music. Higher levels of this skill tend to provide a better skill at playing one single instrument or group of instruments, rather than excellence in all instruments. Very high levels of this skill denote a strong musical apptitude.recreational
Landscaping5Skill in designing and planting beautiful landscapes. Also skill in the associated flora, fauna and equipment to care for the same.recreational
Game Designer5See also: bum, vagrant, mighty-waster-of-time, and leech.recreational
Jewelry Designer5Skill in designing jewelry. Also in making the components for jewelry pieces. Higher levels of this skill involve marketing and selling jewelry as well.recreational
Carpenter5Skill in planning, building and repairing wood and working. Also denotes skill in the associated tools and tricks of the trade.recreational
Car repair5The skill in effecting repairs and upgrades on a variety of vehicles. Also denotes general apptitude in mechanical repair. Higher levels of this skill promote care repair to increasingly complex systems.recreational
Calligraphy5The skill in the careful and beautiful art of calligraphy. Higher levels of this skill denote mastery of several different styles, and strong knowedlge of inks, and the tools to create the calligraphy.recreational
Horses5Riding, grooming, boarding, and acting as a farrier. Also knowing of the health, temprament, and breeding of horses.recreational
Sewing5skill in creating, planning, and stiching ones way into wonderful and beautiful works.recreational
Ham Radio5Proficient in morse code, frequency, hertz, watts, voltage, and ampres. High levels of the skill have QSL cards from all over the world, and regualrly work packet, 10 meters, 2 meters, and have their own repeater in their own backyard. Players with this as a high skill are often broke.recreational
Anime5The collection and enjoyment of Japanese animation; both in book and video form, this particular skill denotes a heavy interest in Japanese animation.recreational
Tai Chi5Skill in Yang, Wu, Sun, and other forms. Higher level skills in this art might involve unusually old or rare forms.recreational
Ethnic cooking5Indigenous dishes, spices and methods. This skill always focuses on one part of one country. It is not generalized to a large area.recreational